Bobby Brown will ''never really get over'' the tragic death of his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

The 49-year-old singer was left heartbroken in 2015 when his daughter died at the age of just 22 following six months in a coma after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub.

Aand, although three years has passed since she died, he has admitted that he's still struggling to come to terms with her shock death and thinks about it every day.

Speaking in an interview ahead of the release of his miniseries 'The Bobby Brown Story', which will air on BET in September, he said: ''You never really get over it. I go through it every day. Just the thought of her and looking at my youngest daughter and my other kids, knowing they'll never get to know their oldest sister is a struggle. It gets rough sometimes. Of course, I have to go through it because I can't change it.''

The biopic will delve into his relationship with Bobbi - who died in similar circumstances to her mother Whitney Houston in 2012 - but he found it really tough reliving the pain and describing it to Woody McClain, who will reprise his role as Bobby in the new documentary, on set.

Jesse Collins, executive producer of Bobby's biopic, explained: ''That was the hardest part was getting him to talk about (stuff), especially Bobbi Kris. Whenever you talk about her, he gets emotional. A loss of a child is something I can't even begin to fathom. But he got there and explained what happened, the nature of their relationship.''

Bobby's wife Alicia Etheredge Brown hopes the biopic will act as some kind of therapy for him.

She said: ''We're just trying to figure out as we go along. With life, we're looking for therapy and outlets. For him to still be able to be creative, find peace and joy, that's what I want for him.''

Bobby has blamed Bobbi's former boyfriend Nick Gordon for her death and an Atlanta judge ordered him to pay $36 million to her estate after he was found responsible in a wrongful death lawsuit.

In memory of his daughter, Bobby created the Bobbi Kristina Brown Serenity House, a non-for-profit organisation that assists women who have been victims of domestic violence, because he doesn't want anyone else to lose a child as a result of violence.

He said: ''We're trying to build houses for battered women and men to have a safe haven, so they have a safe place to go. We are serious about this. I just don't want to see any father or mother go through losing a child.''