Bobby Brown hasn't always been known for his efficiency, but you can't argue with the planning of the former husband of Whitney Houston on this one. Rn'B star Brown will kill two birds with one stone in the middle of June by flying to Hawaii both to perform a concert and to marry his current fiancee Alicia Etheridge. reports that the announcement has been a long time coming, with the pair having been engaged for some two years. Understandably the recent passing of Brown's former wife has delayed things too - or, some might cynically say, improved things given the resultant attention on Brown since. However we wouldn't suggest such a thing and it's just a pleasure to finally report that he'll be getting wed. Apparently June 15th will be the big day for the couple, with Brown's band New Edition also performing in Honolulu.
Tmz has also learnt that it'll be no small fry occasion, with the star flying out his family and friends to mark the occasion, which we assume will include the one-year old child the pair have had together since getting engaged in May 2010. It'll allow Brown to move on in some respect from recent happenings in which he came under scrutiny following the revelation that Houston died with multiple substances inside her body. Brown has since denied ever introducing her to hard drugs.