The R&B star reveals he and Alicia Etheredge were friends long before he met and fell in love with Whitney but they lost touch during his marriage to the superstar and it took the current couple years to find each other in love.

Alicia then made the ultimate sacrifice when she attempted to mend her future husband's broken romance with his estranged wife after he split from Houston.

"I went out to L.A. to get my life back together (and) I ran into her," Bobby tells U.S. talk show host Steve Harvey. "For me to be so down in the dumps and for me to be struggling with trying to maintain my sobriety and then meeting with her and her helping me with that and her being there for me...

"She was helping me trying to get back with Whitney at one point until... there was nothing I could do to get back with my ex-wife.

"And then all of a sudden I find this friend, this kind woman, that just... It was like she sprinkled some fairy dust on me... Really!

"It was just pure and it came from a friend-type of relationship, and then when you fall in love with a friend... you have something deeper."

Bobby credits his current wife with his rehabilitation, adding, "She was such a major part of me realising who I was as a person..."

Now happily married again, Bobby and Alicia, who also serves as the singer's manager, are about to become parents again - she is pregnant with the couple's second child together.