Troubled R+B pioneer Bobby Brown is a free man again - after spending Wednesday night (24MAR04) in jail for failing to pay child support.

The DON'T BE CRUEL singer, 35, was released from a Dedham, Massachusetts prison yesterday (25MAR04) after NORFOLK PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT received the $63,500 (GBP35,277) Brown owed ex-love KIM WARD, the mother of two of his children, now 12 and 14.

Brown was released from a Georgia institution early on Monday (22MAR04) - where he had been serving time for a probation violation of a previous drink driving charge - to attend the Family Court hearing.

On Wednesday, Family Court judge PAULA CAREY found Brown in contempt of court and ordered him to spend 90 days behind bars or until he came up with the cash, after he testified he was unable to pay the child support owed.

The source of the support payment has not been revealed.

One of Brown's probation violations included the alleged assault of his singer wife Whitney Houston, who checked out of a drug rehabilitation clinic on Wednesday after five days.

26/03/2004 09:27