Bobby Brown insists shooting his upcoming reality TV show has helped him and his wife, Whitney Houston, overcome their drug demons because the series showed them both how normal, but troubled their lives were.

BEING BOBBY BROWN, which doesn't feature any drug abuse, had led Brown to suggest it may have been just what his wife needed to show her she still had a problem. She checked into a rehabilitation facility after the series was filmed.

Brown says, "I think it (the show) brought us closer together because it showed us that we're just normal."

But the MY PREROGATIVE singer insists the rumoured alcohol and drugs hell he and his wife went through is now in the past and he and Houston are sober and well.

He adds, "The smell, the look in her eyes right now... just everything about her is what I met and I'm hoping that everything about me is what she met, and we're working hard at keeping our relationship maintained - and clean and sober."

Brown insists it's time fans got behind the couple and stopped criticising them for living a life they read about in tabloids.

He explains, "If you love us and you like what we do as artists please just give us that, because that's what we give the most of, that's what we concentrate on, we concentrate on being the best singers and entertainers for you.

"When you try to break us down with our personal lives that really effects us. So, if I could say anything to people right now that's be to pray for us to be better."

28/06/2005 08:59