Bobby Brown's managed to get away with a "no contest" for his case of driving under the influence in a lucky break for the husband of deceased soul diva Whitney Houston. Brown was arrested after being spotted by police officers driving whilst talking on his mobile phone. Once stopped the officials claimed he was stinking of alcohol and asked Brown to take a breathalyser test - the result showing up as a .12 of alcohol. With the allowed intake in California being .08 this meant that he was legally drunk.

However TMZ report the "no contest" plea has meant that he was only sentenced to one day of time in county jail - which he's already served - and 36 months of summary probation which, if you're looking for a celebrity comparison, is similar to Lindsay Lohan's recently completed punishment minus the hours of community service.

In the immediate aftermath of his ex-wife Whitney Houston's funeral, Brown wasn't the most popular figure among the late star's family. First of all it was widely reported that the R n' B star was actually kicked out of the memorial service itself after refusing to move seats, and there were also rumours that he was to release a tell-all book of his and Houston's marriage, something that thankfully hasn't yet materialised.