R+B pioneer Bobby Brown failed to turn up at a Massachusetts court Tuesday (12APR05) to explain non-payment of child-support to the mother of his two kids.

The DON'T BE CRUEL singer, 36, has two teenage children - aged 13 and 15 - with ex-love KIM WARD, who he dated before wedding singer Whitney Houston in July 1992.

Last year (MAR04), Brown spent one day of a 90-day sentence behind bars for breaking a 10-year agreement with Ward to pay child support, as well as set up trust funds for the two youngsters. Brown claimed he couldn't afford to pay Ward, but was released from jail after eventually finding the money and paying her $63,500 (GBP33,000).

Local newspaper BOSTON HERALD reports Brown was a no-show at Canton Probate Court Tuesday, where Ward was seeking between three to four months in arrears in payments, amounting to over $15,000 (GBP7,900).

The case has been delayed until later this month (APR05).

14/04/2005 02:52