Bobby Brown believes jail forced him to overcome his drug addiction.

The 47-year-old singer songwriter has revealed his latest return to prison in 2013 was the turning point in his life, which has led him to sobriety, and the musician has revealed he ''never'' wants to be back behind bars ''ever, ever again''.

Speaking on an American television series called 'The Dr. Oz Show', which is set to air on Thursday (03.11.16), the 'Two Can Play That Game' hitmaker said: ''Jail got me to stop taking drugs.

''I never wanted to go back to jail. I didn't want to be incarcerated ever, ever again.''

And the vocalist - who was sentenced to 55 days in jail for drink driving in 2012 but was incarcerated for nine hours for the crime one year later - has revealed he didn't want his children Landon, 30, LaPrincia, 26, Bobby, 24, Cassius, seven, 15-month-old daughter Bodhi, and his late daughter Bobbi Kristina, who was alive at the time, to see him in ''that type of light''.

He explained: ''I didn't want my kids to grow up and see me in that type of light.

''I've always been one to want to grow, to want to be better and better on the next day - if I'm bad yesterday, I want to be better the next day, especially for my children.

''I mean, my children mean everything to me, everything. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. So I try to be as strong as possible for them every day. And it takes every day for me to do that.''

Meanwhile, Bobby - who has endured the tragic loss of his daughter with Whitney Houston in 2015, and the loss of his former partner and 'I Have Nothing' hitmaker in 2007 - has admitted he is ''doing great'' and hasn't returned to alcohol.

He said: ''[I am] doing great.

''Of course, on an everyday basis, I still think about her and I still go through it. But, I think I'm a lot more comfortable with knowing that she's in a better place, knowing that she's not in pain anymore, you know, and I'm just grateful for that.''