LATEST: Bobby Brown is in even more legal hot water - his former lover is suing him for being a "deadbeat dad".

KIM WARD claims the singer owes her $40,000 (GBP23,530) in missed paternity payments for their two children, aged 14 and 12.

Brown has already been taken to court over the payments, and was ordered to pay out $5,500 (GBP3,235)-a-month but Ward claims he hasn't been doing that.

A spokesman for Ward says, "We are considering all the options available to apprehend him and force him to appear in court."

Brown is already in big trouble, as authorities are currently investigating allegations of domestic abuse following claims from his wife Whitney Houston that he struck her in an argument last week (7DEC03).

Legal officials are currently trying to determine whether the domestic violence allegations violate his probation on a drink-driving arrest. If so, the MY PEROGATIVE singer faces a return to jail.

16/12/2003 09:08