An exclusive report from Forbes has revealed that Bobby Brown will be attending Whitney Houston's funeral this Saturday, with his daughter Bobbi Kristina. Roger Friedman, writing the report has stated that claims of a family feud are false, saying "Whitney's mother, Cissy, is in tight control of the funeral guest list, and knows the close relationship between father and daughter. You can disregard all the other reports this morning."
There has been speculation over whether or not Bobby Brown would be welcome at Whitney's funeral, given the past allegations made against him, during the time that they were married; namely that he physically assaulted her and was a major contributing factor in her descent into drug addiction. Friedman also suggests that Bobby Brown's nephew, Kelsey (aged 27) will attend the funeral, quoting Bobby Brown's 'best friend' in Atlanta: Whitney raised Kelsey like a son," said the source. The article has also rubbished claims that financial issues are being discussed between Bobby and the Houston family, with Friedman writing "there is no talk of money, as Tmz has wildly announced. As I wrote earlier this morning, Whitney Houston has a Will. Bobby Brown has a career with New Edition. He lives in Los Angeles with his fiancee, and has a home to which he's ready to take daughter Bobbi Kristina."
Bobby Brown cancelled a concert with New Edition when he learned of his daughter's hospitalization, following her mother's death. 18 year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown was taken to hospital with stress related symptoms following her mother's death on February 11, 2012. She has been since been released from hospital.