The former New Edition star was temporarily placed in child services after his mother was arrested. The social service agency was run by a Catholic charity and one of the priests tried to molest him while he was at the facility. However, he reveals he punched the clergyman and ran off.

The 47-year-old doesn't reveal when he finally opened up to his mother about the incident, but he explains he told his brother first.

"It took a minute because I felt I was supposed to be at a place where they were supposed to take care of me and I was supposed to trust these people," he told U.S. chat show The View on Monday (13Jun16). "I didn't know how to tell my mother that this happened and I didn't know how to tell anybody that it happened. I knew she would believe me. I knew my mother would be nuts, so I told my brother."

"I don't know how it changed me," he adds. "I think I'm just getting over it (now) by putting it in the book, I think that was the only way for me to get over it."

The admission is one of many that are sure to shock fans in Bobby's new memoir, Every Little Step. In it, the R&B singer also details his sexual relationships and his substance abuse issues, and chronicles his marriage to the late Whitney Houston.