Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston have confirmed they are undergoing marriage counselling in a bid to save their troubled union.

MY PREROGATIVE hitmaker Brown admits he knew they needed help after police were called to their Atlanta, Georgia, home at Christmas (03) to break up a heated row.

And after a spell in jail and Houston's release from rehab for drug counselling, the pair have decided to give their 12-year marriage another chance.

Speaking exclusively to American urban magazine SISTER 2 SISTER, Brown says, "We're doing really good. I think we're having better times now that we've had in a long time."

Brown admits he regrets his Christmas (03) fight with his wife, which he says was triggered when she tried to force him to take his bipolar pills.

He recalls, "I didn't want to take that Welbutrin. It's supposed to help you stop smoking. It made me manic.

"Once I quit (taking drugs), I didn't want to have to keep taking pills every day. I was trying to get myself off of the pills.

"Come to find out Welbutrin just got sued for lots of money because it made somebody commit suicide.

"I'm taking Depakote. I take it every day, once a day. It's a pill that just relaxes me."

08/06/2004 21:05