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I pray for Bobbi Kristina for miracle to happen in her life Bobbi Brown there is a man of God in Nigeria who will pray for her and miracle will happen.You can get all the information you need on

Posted 2 years 7 months ago by Justina Osadolor

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Wife beating is sickUp with stocks ans shares

Posted 10 years 7 months ago by Yo Yo

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Wanna buy some cheap heroin bobby? I hear they got some real good stuff with lots of fentanyl mixed in it. You should try about 6 grams of it and then take your ride for a spin on a mountain road.Whitney can't have any, it's all for you blood. And she can't go on the ride either. news://

Posted 11 years 4 months ago by faggotjackson

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Hi Bobby,,How r u?alot of bad news these days about ur wife,,and it realy feels so bad,,and whatever happens in ur personal lives u should keep it,,it's ur bussines not ours,,and man u realy should help her,,if u realy luv her,,u've been together for more than 10 years,,u had ur ups and downs and u got over it,,and if u realy luv her u will help her,,u said ur self she completes my half,,so help her,,and think of bobbi she will be taken from her own mother,,that's low..whitney realy deserves to be happy,,so make her happy..and everyday i'm hoping that i woul log on the internet and see a picture of you and whitney bobbi smiling to the god bless u and ur family n take care..Peace

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by abse

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Idea for a new slot for your real t.v special.I have in my posession two of the brightest new stars.Come to Orlando,Florida to help your ratings get higger. Use the real t.v show to come out back again. Let the people see you get new talent. You are Bobby Brown... Explore your options to hike your ratings... Come to Orlando to get new talent...Thank you

Posted 12 years 3 months ago by unclechamp

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Bobby Brown

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