Bobbi Kristina Brown has vowed to carry on her mother's musical legacy by becoming a force in the entertainment world herself. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired on Sunday (March 11, 2012), 19-year-old Bobbi said her mother had prepared her for life in the spotlight before her tragic death last month.
When asked by Oprah what she intended to do next, Bobbi confidently remarked, "I have to carry on the legacy.We're gonna do the singing thing. Some acting, some dancing.It's a lot of pressure, but she prepared me for it". Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of Whitney and Bobby Brown, has aspired to be a singer for a number of years and is understood to have a strong vocal talent. Elsewhere in the emotional interview, which aired on Oprah's Own network, Bobbi Kristina spoke about her relationship with her mother, saying, "I was a little rebellious, but when it came down to it, I ran to Mom. We had our arguments, we had everything, but at the end of the day, that was still my mother, my confidante, my everything". Whitney's only child now resides in the late star's Georgia mansion, where she says she can still feel her mother's presence, saying, "I can hear her voice in spirit talking to me, [saying,] 'Keep talking to me. I got you.' She's always with me. I can always feel her. I can always feel her with me.She always asked me, 'Do you need me?' And I caught myself, out of nowhere, I didn't even know I said it, I said, 'I'll always need you".