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Fxck gays. Next they are gonna be wanting to use the ladies restroom. And disrespecting a woman's privacy

Posted 5 years 1 week ago by 56Chevy101

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Be strong young lady. I know it's gonna be hard. But these type of things happen everyday. All you can do is show people that you have courage to deal with it. Keep your head up, and know that your mom is in a better place. (where there is no pain and suffering) And you will see that she is doing okay. Away from this evil world that did mean things to her. I keep you in my prayers, everyday and night. And please don't make wrong decisions in your life. By trying to find things to cheer you up. And end up making the wrong choices, that takes you into a state of retreat. You know what I mean? so you have to be extra careful. But your mother is not gonna let nothing happen to you. She is watching over you everyday and night.

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago by 56Chevy101

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Hi KritinaLife is rolling like a ball, and good things are coming followed by bad and gain Goods comes again. God Create a man. He test people ability and strength. Your mum has gone through alot of test of beauty and famous and now through the biggest test of her life. But only through in GOD we trust and countless prayers you can engage yourself in that GOD can bring your mother back her feet again. Job the man of GOD gone through all those test and he conquer.The World love your mother and will be with you in every step of the way Kaisha

Posted 11 years 1 month ago by nikita

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Hello Bobbi,I just want you to know that God is!!!!!!!!! Baby God said he'll make everything all right, keep trustin an believing in his word. I know it may seems hard right now, but keep your head to hills from with cometh your help. Keep praying that your mom gets the help thats she so will desire, I pray that God will bring you sweet peace. Don't ever let know one turn you against your mother. Continue to pray for her an keep your arms around her. I will forever keep you an your family in prayers. Keep your head up!!! God said he'll never leave you nor forsake you!!!!!! These trials only coming to make you strong. Keep holding!!! We love you!!!

Posted 11 years 1 month ago by clara

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