Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk has published a collection of rejected comedy scripts written with his longtime collaborator David Cross.

The duo has put together Hollywood Said No!, a book of unproduced and wacky projects they wrote in the late 1990s and early 2000s, which has never seen the light of day.

Odenkirk, who plays lawyer Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad, insists he and his writing partner have never been bitter their work was passed over by studio bosses.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It's like 'I hope I win the lottery, but I probably wont.' How mad are you when you don't win the lottery every day? When we wrote these movies, we knew that they were an indulgence of our point of view and our voices, and the only way they would ever get made would be a fluke or a bit of luck. Our model for getting them made was to get lucky."

Both funnymen have gotten lucky as Tv stars - Odenkirk is set to star in his own Breaking Bad spin-off, tentatively titled Better Call Saul, while Cross is best known for his role in hit Tv series Arrested Development.