Reggae legend Bob Marley's son Ziggy Marley is hoping for a quick settlement in a lawsuit over royalties from his dad's music.

ASTON 'FAMILYMAN' BARRETT, a former member of BOB MARLEY + The Wailers, is claiming that he's been cheated of proper recognition and financial reward for years. Ziggy hopes the suit is settled amicably, and says he has great respect for Familyman.

He explains, "It will be sorted out, I think, peacefully, and amicably for everybody. And, you know that's what we hope for. I respect Familyman to the highest."

However, Ziggy adds the dispute over the royalties could have and should have been resolved before his father's death from cancer in 1981.

He says, "These things could have been dealt with. And when my father was here it should have been dealt with then, than when he's not here. It's kind of weird when he is not here to start saying things that you probably wouldn't say if he was here."

23/04/2003 02:03