Reggae legend Bob Marley's life story is set to be adapted for the stage and will have its world premiere in 2015.

The Jamaican music icon is the subject of a new musical called Marley, and the production will debut at Center Stage in Baltimore, Maryland next May (15).

The show, directed and written by Kwame Kwei-Armah, will feature some of Marley's most notable songs, including Exodus and Rastaman Vibration.

Marley will focus on his life in Jamaica between 1975 and 1978 as well as his self-imposed exile in London, where he recorded albums Exodus and Kaya.

Kwei-Armah tells the New York Times that he's doesn't want the production to be another traditional jukebox musical, but rather one that tells a story and portrays a pivotal time in the singer's life.

He explains, "We have maybe 20 songs, but I've tried to make them come out of what I perceive to be an integrity that Bob would demand. It's not, Here are some songs and how can I link them with some drama. There is an investigation into the man's life, between him putting his life on the line and going into self-imposed exile for 18 months and while there, recording two of his biggest albums."

Casting has yet to be announced. Marley is slated to run from 6 May to 14 June (15).