Disney are planning ''at least three'' 'Star Wars' spin-offs.

The studio have previously stated their interest in releasing films to fill in the gaps between forthcoming episodes 7, 8 and 9 and CEO Bob Iger is said to have confirmed Disney will be release a minimum of three shows in the next ten years, during a quarterly earning stockholders call.

A reporter for Variety.com, Marc Graser, wrote on Twitter: ''Disney's Bob Iger says at least three #Star Wars spinoffs are planned as part of a plan to mine sci-fi franchise over next decade (sic).''

Disney have previously revealed that they intend to release a 'Star Wars' film every year once 'Star Wars: Episode VII' is released in 2015, meaning the first spin-off, based on an individual character from the franchise, would arrive in 2016.

'Star Wars' writer Lawrence Kasdan and 'X-Men' scribe Simon Kinberg are said to have been working on stories for the spin-offs for nearly a year, but although rumours suggest a young Han Solo could be a possible subject, no official announcements have been made.