Bob Hope's comedy writer EDMUND L HARTMANN died on Friday (28NOV03) at the age of 92.

The veteran screenwriter - who passed away in his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico - is responsible for many of the jokes made famous by legendary comedians Hope, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, the THREE STOOGES, Lucille Ball and ABBOTT AND COSTELLO.

In a versatile career spanning over 60 years, Hartmann contributed scripts to films like Hope's FANCY PANTS and THE LEMON DROP KID, and television shows, such as MY THREE SONS and Family Affair.

Author DONALD McCAFFREY, who penned Hartmann's biography, says, "He was a gag writer, but he was a good story man. He could work up a tale that was very involving."

Hartmann won the WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA'S MORGAN COX award in 1985 and the GOLDEN CHILI Lifetime Achievement award in 1999 from the Santa Fe FILM CRITICS CIRCLE.

02/12/2003 09:17