Tributes to Bob Hope were marred yesterday (28JUL03) when a sick prankster claiming to be the legendary comic's writer made lewd comments on live TV.

Since Hope died aged 100 at his Toluca Lake, California, home on Sunday (27JUL03), eulogies have been pouring in the for the British-born star.

And Los Angeles' GOOD DAY LIVE was more than happy to accept a phone call from a man calling himself GENE ALLEN PERRET, who claimed to be Hope's writer for 40 years.

Close to the end of the seemingly innocent interview with host STEVE EDWARDS, Perret suddenly blurted out, "Would you like Howard Stern's balls on your chin?"

A calm Edwards responded, "Not today thank you, but thank you for calling," before the opportunist branded him a "jerk off".

Edwards told viewers, "The answer, by the way, is I wouldn't like to do any of those things," before quickly cutting to a commercial break.

29/07/2003 09:18