Deceased comedian Bob Hope was honoured yesterday (3AUG03) by 800 mourners at service held at the Washington, America church where he donated a chapel.

Hope passed away last Sunday (27JUL03) of pneumonia at the age of 100, and the mass was presided over by his friend of 30 years, the ARCHBISHOP OF WASHINGTON, CARDINAL THEODORE E McCARRICK.

The comedian's youngest son KELLY said at the service, held at the BASILICA OF THE SHRINE OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, "I know that dad is looking down saying, 'Well, I just got another audience.' Everyone loved my father, as he did everyone.

"He took all the time in the world for everyone else, and it's nice for everyone to pay homage to him"

Cardinal McCarrick said, "Not just because of the name, but I guess also because of the great devotion of MRS HOPE, Bob and DOLORES (wife) agreed to put this chapel in.

"He was a man who really understood peoples' feelings and what would make them smile and what would make them laugh."

04/08/2003 17:46