SIR Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches has launched a scathing verbal attack on thin celebrities for allegedly promoting anorexia and unhealthy dieting among women. The 17-year-old TV star is disgusted with what she calls a "scary skinny" trend and brands Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham the main culprits. Geldof says, "Hyper thin is today's celebrity standard. If my friends and I are looking at a magazine and we see a picture of say, Nicole Richie, I'm like 'Oh that's disgusting, look at her, she looks like and old man', and they're like 'No, she looks good'. "I find that scary and I think it shows just how messed up our society really is. "Nicole has made a new career off the back of being skinny. She is a 'thinspiration' to young girls because women's magazines obsess over her weight loss. "I am 17, and as a teenager I am surrounded by images of beautiful women like Kate Moss, thin models on the catwalk."