LATEST: SIR Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches was being passed a roll-up cigarette and not snorting drugs in a controversial photograph printed in a British newspaper on Sunday (28AUG06), according to the teenage boy pictured handing it to her. AARON AZAGURY GRIMES insists the pair were simply having fun with a cigarette and that neither of them indulges in illegal drugs. The image, which was published in the Daily Star Sunday, was taken at an after-show bash in April (06), and was reported to show Peaches snorting something through the "bullet". But Grimes says, "I'm furious. I've never done drugs in my life. I find them pointless. And, as far as I'm aware, nor has Peaches done drugs. "In the photograph I'm giving Peaches a roll-up cigarette. She is a very pleasant girl, not the wild child everyone makes her out to be. "My parents are livid too. I would happily speak to Bob to explain the truth. She has never taken any drugs in my presence."