Bob Geldof's late ex-wife Paula Yates broke down in tears when she was pregnant with the couple's first child after reading a cruel jibe about their unborn baby.
The rocker had been dating Yates for six years when they learned in 1982 the TV star was expecting their first baby, daughter Fifi Trixibelle.
But Yates was left inconsolable after she read an article poking fun at her pregnancy.
Geldof tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "I'm sure there are books written about what a c**t I am. But the worst thing ever written was when Paula was pregnant for the first time.
"A music paper printed a picture of her pregnant, with the headline 'Abortion of the Year'. Underneath it said, 'One Geldof b**tard is enough.' She (Yates) cried and cried."
The stars went on to have two more daughters together before their split in 1995. Yates died in 2000.