SIR Bob Geldof's late ex-wife Paula Yates frequently rang British newspaper editor Piers Morgan with secret updates on her troubled life.

The ex-MIRROR editor makes the revelations in his recently published diaries.

Despite being a columnist for a rival newspaper, late TV presenter Yates poured her heart out to Morgan about her legal battles with Geldof, who she left for Inxs rocker Michael Hutchence.

Morgan claims she encouraged him to print stories blaming Geldof for her debt problems, in order to emotionally blackmail the former Boomtown Rats singer and manipulate public sympathies.

Morgan claims Yates said, "I'm going to walk the kids home from school today in the rain because I can't afford a taxi. If you take some pictures, then Bob might feel shamed into helping me properly."

Morgan labeled the request "undignified".

Yates would describe the situation with Geldof as "awful. He doesn't want me to have anything because he says I brought it on myself".

Yates was found dead following an accidental drug overdose in September 2000.

02/03/2005 14:36