Bob Geldof's wildchild daughter Peaches hates her tattoos so much she wishes she could "graft a completely new skin" for herself.
The socialite has an extensive range of body art, with more than 20 inkings including the words "Ex Valentine" around the top of her left arm, a daisy chain which stretches from her knee to her chest, lyrics from a Nick Cave song on her back, and a dove on her hip.
Geldof, who got her first tattoo at the age of 14, has previously admitted to being addicted to the ink needle and happily posed for photos showing off the designs - but the 22 year old now wishes she could remove them all.
She tells Britain's The Sunday Telegraph, "Fourteen-year-old girls should not be allowed to have tattoos. The ones I have from that age are more like prison tattoos.
"I recently came to the conclusion that I regret every single tattoo I've ever had done. I have so many bad tattoos. Some of them I look at now and find them horrendous. If I could graft a completely new skin for myself, I would."