Rocker Bob Geldof is finding his current tour very difficult because he has to sing songs about painful times in his life every night.

The Boomtown Rats frontman is doing a small tour of his native UK and has to play songs from his 2001 album SEX, AGE + DEATH, which deals with the worst times he's ever experienced.

Geldolf was distraught when his wife Paula Yates left him for Inxs rocker Michael Hutchence in 1994 and experienced further heartache when Hutchence committed suicide in 1998 and then Yates died of a drug overdose in 2000.

And the tragedies keep returning to haunt him when he performs the moving tracks.

Geldof explains, "I find those songs difficult. People know, or think they know what they are about. But regardless of what anyone else thinks, I don't care.

"Those songs are perfect emotional photographs of that moment. It isn't cathartic in any way to do them because it makes me miserable - it is like you are looking at a photograph of a family picnic.

"When I do them it takes me back to then - I revisit the past every night."

01/12/2003 02:13