LATEST: SIR Bob Geldof would consider accepting a peerage if offered to him - after radio listeners voted him the British citizen most deserving of being made a Lord,

The Band Aid co-founder is flattered he got 36 per cent of the votes in the BBC RADIO 4 poll and he would accept the job as long as he could continue with his charity work.

The Irish singer questions, "Could I pursue the things that interest me further and more effectively or not?

"Would it compromise my ability to speak only for myself? Could I contribute to other debates and be useful?

"Could I still play concerts and make records? Part of me thinks they only voted for me just to stop me playing concerts and making records - but music is the thing I like.

"Would it add to my life and be enjoyable or would it be a chore or confining?"

04/01/2005 17:54