SIR Bob Geldof is desperately urging the world's superpowers to put their weight behind the crisis in Darfur in a bid to halt the violence. The rocker-turned-activist slammed China for continuing to provide arms to Sudan's "thuggish" Khartoum government, which is, in turn, refusing to allow United Nations peacekeepers to enter the troubled country. He says, "(The world is) slow stepping into watching two million people die in front of us on the six o'clock news every night. "The reality is that in another age perhaps America and Britain could have intervened but they can't now, possibly because of the Middle East. "The Arab League are absolutely pathetic and supine. They seem to think it's within their remit to allow two million of their fellow co-religionists to die in a massacre. "The Khartoum government are thugs and tyrants. They are supported by the Chinese who take six per cent of their oil out of Sudan, which is 60 per cent of Sudanese oil production - and therefore will not allow (measures to get through) the Security Council. "I think we really have a right to insist upon an intervention through the United Nations".