Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches is ecstatic she's pregnant with her first "miracle baby" - because the socialite was told she'd never be able to conceive naturally.
The TV star was diagnosed with infertility-causing polycystic ovaries and believed she'd have to undergo Ivf (in vitro fertilisation) if she ever wanted to start a family with her fiance Thomas Cohen.
Geldof is expecting a boy in April (12), and the couple has already named him Astala Dylan Willow Cohen-Geldof.
But she's revealed she hadn't planned to fall pregnant and was stunned when the test was positive, insisting the baby is a "godly gift" for them.
Geldof tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "I have polycystic ovaries and I'd been told by four gynaecologists that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant naturally. They said my womb was intact, so I could carry a child, but I would have to undergo Ivf.
"I think Ivf is an amazing thing if all goes well, but it can be utterly devastating if it doesn't, so I was really sad about that.
"He's a miracle baby. The doctor said to me, 'He really wants to be here,' because it's against the odds. I know it sounds cheesy, but I truly believe it's a fated thing; a godly gift."
And Peaches is already planning on extending her brood, adding, "Now I've conceived once, it will be easier for me to do so again. We definitely want more children - not right away, but I would love to have a daughter in the future."