SIR Bob Geldof has warned an unnamed American musician not to criticise US President George W Bush during the American LIVE 8 concert next month (JUL05).

The cryptic but stern message, aimed specifically at an unidentified artist, came after the veteran Boomtown Rats rocker hailed Bush for having done more for Africa than any other world leader.

The mystery singer, who is anxious not to be named, was told by an angry Geldof, "Please remember, absolutely no ranting and raving about Bush or (British Prime Minister TONY) BLAIR and the Iraq war. We want to bring Bush in, not run him away."

Geldof is determined not to lose control of the central message of his concerts to raise awareness of African poverty, especially as some top stars including Eminem, 50 CENT and SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS may be ready to speak their minds at the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania event.

22/06/2005 17:30