SIR Bob Geldof is urging schoolchildren to play truant to participate in the G8 mass protest in Edinburgh on 6 July (05).

Over a million people are expected to march in the Scottish capital to coincide with the G8 summit - four days after the star-studded LIVE 8 gigs simultaneously occur across the world in Berlin, Germany; Paris, France; Philadelphia, US; Rome, Italy and London, England on 2 July (05).

The former BOOMTOWN RAT star - who is organising Live 8 along with his original Live Aid partner MIDGE URE - is convincing children to attend the huge protest to show support of the Make Poverty History campaign.

He urges, "Give up home and school for a week and there's a chance you can change things a little bit.

"What's better? Two days of geometry? Or participating in something you'll remember all your life?"

Former ULTRAVOX singer Ure adds, "We don't are how, but you have to get to Edinburgh and let them know what you think."

01/06/2005 13:45