SIR Bob Geldof was brought to tears after watching Sir Paul McCartney and Bono's opening duet at yesterday's (02JUL05) Live 8 concert in London.

The Live Aid co-organiser was overwhelmed by the opening rendition of THE Beatles' classic SGT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND, because it signaled the importance of the one-off event in aid to end poverty in Africa.

Geldof says, "When Bono and Paul McCartney sang, all that promise of rock and roll was made concrete on this stage at that moment. Everyone was in tears - not believing they were here. It's the biggest cultural event ever.

"The President of the United States has been watching all day, the government ministers are here. This won't happen again. It's bigger than the Olympics."

03/07/2005 02:25