Irish rocker and campaigner SIR Bob Geldof has hit out at the fact that the man tipped to be the WORLD BANK's new head has been nominated by PRESIDENT George W Bush.

The former Boomtown Rats frontman is prepared to work with potential World Bank boss, US deputy defence secretary PAUL WOLFOWITZ, but remains wary of the corporation's neo-conservative image.

Speaking at the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY campaign launch on Thursday (31MAR05), Geldof said, "I've got reservations about the World Bank and the IMF (INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND).

"The way that's carved up is preposterous. The American president is allowed to nominate the president of the World Bank.

"It's our money. It's the World Bank. Where are the Africans? It's their very raison d'etre. They should be represented at the highest level."

But Geldof will still link up with the World Bank to attain his goal to stamp out poverty.

He says, "My problem is with the nomination procedure in the first place, but I'll work with whomever if I have to get a result."

U2 frontman Bono, who has collaborated with Geldof on several fundraising initiatives, was in the running to snap up the former World Bank head James WOLFENSOHN's position.

01/04/2005 17:30