SIR Bob Geldof has slammed Italy's rock stars for being reluctant to join the bill for Rome's LIVE 8 concert on 2 July (05).

Rome will host a huge free concert in the Circus Maximus - one of eight events being staged around the world to draw attention to poverty in Africa.

But some stars have yet to commit, with popular Italian rocker VASCO ROSSI pulling out of the concert because it clashes with another gig he is due to play.

Another singer, LORENZO JOVANOTTI, demanded more information on what the gig is about before agreeing to appear.

Geldof said at a news conference in Rome today (21JUN05), "Vasco is a great star, a really great, great artist, and I think he should be on that stage. Where's Vasco? Vasco where are you? We want Vasco. We need Vasco.

"He's not going to lose his voice. He only has to sing two songs."

Geldof said many of other acts were juggling their schedules to play at one of the eight Live 8 concerts.

U2, Coldplay, Elton John, REM and Green Day are all playing their own concerts on 2 July - many in different countries - and still plan to perform at Live 8, according to Geldof.

Live 8 shows will also be held in London, Paris, Berlin, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Toronto and Johannesburg.

21/06/2005 21:36