SIR Bob Geldof has organised his LIVE AID II concert to coincide with this year's (05) G8 summit - to put pressure on US president George W Bush.

LIVE 8 will be held free at London's Hyde Park on 2 and 3 July (05), and is intended to encourage the American leader to end poverty in Africa when he meets the world's most powerful leaders in Scotland on 6 July (05).

A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "Geldof has taken on one of the biggest projects of his life with this - but it's a brilliant idea.

"He's the only man who could pull it off and it is the best way of forcing Bush, Blair and the heads of the world's most powerful countries to put their money where their mouths are.

"It will be the biggest ever political lobby for the poor people of the world.

"And it will be different from Live Aid because Bob isn't asking for the public to donate money.

"Through sponsorship, he wants to stage the concerts for free and get the public to demand that our leaders listen and take action at the summit."

08/05/2005 10:56