SIR Bob Geldof has urged British royal Prince William to ditch other commitments and attend London's LIVE 8 concert - just as his late mother DIANA, Princess Of Wales was in the audience at the legendary Live Aid charity show 20 years ago (85).

Geldof insists the young royal must follow in his parents' footsteps - his father Prince Charles also attended Live Aid - because it will make him more aware of global issues in preparation for his eventual accession to the British throne.

The outspoken Irishman says, "William should be there. His mum was there for the original one and he should represent his generation. Pop music was an important part in his mum's life and his dad's life.

"Poverty and famine are the greatest political problems of William's age and when he becomes King, Africa will be high on the agenda for many years."

However, William is set to be in New Zealand watching the BRITISH LIONS rugby team when Live 8 is staged on 2 July (05) - but Geldof urges him to prioritise his schedule.

He adds, "He may have other engagement but he should change them. Nothing is more important."

23/06/2005 02:45