Live 8 organiser SIR Bob Geldof has praised US President George Bush for his aid work in Africa. The Boomtown Rats singer is part of campaign group Debt, Aid, Trade And Africa, who are pushing for all of the G8 countries to boost aid to poverty-stricken African nations. Geldof has jumped to the defence of President Bush because he believes that both the premier and his wife LAURA have worked hard to make a difference. He says, "Difficult, and uncomfortable, as it is for many to accept - and improbable as it may seem - Bush has really done a lot, in US terms, for Africa and certainly more than previous administrations. He made the commitment on debt. "His wife who's particularly concerned about girls' education, has made several visits to Africa and both his daughters have worked in Aids clinics on the continent. Bush's approach to Africa has a lot going for it."