Irish rocker SIR Bob Geldof is still amazed he and Paul Weller managed to put aside their differences to work on the original 1984 Band Aid charity record.

The ex-BOOMTOWN RATS star admits he misjudged the former Jam frontman, because Weller agreed to sing on the supergroup's first DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS? hit - which raised money for African famine victims - despite Geldof's well-publicised feud with the STAND BY ME singer.

Geldof explains, "I never got on with him. I respected him musically though, and felt the record needed him.

"But I thought he'd think a) this is a naff and b) Geldof is a c**t. But He put it all aside.

"That always impresses me that he could do that. I was wrong about him."

04/03/2005 19:51