SIR Bob Geldof has ordered British Prime Minister Tony Blair to deliver an expletive-laden message to US President George W Bush to wipe out poverty in Africa.

The BAND AID star shocked the launch of Blair's Commission For Africa campaign by telling the audience, which included the premier himself and UK chancellor Gordon Brown, it would cost America "f**k all" to help wipe out poverty in the poor continent.

Geldof said, "Tony and Gordon have to prepare to ring up George and say, 'Do this, George, do this one thing for me, it's going to cost you f**k all, do it for me.'

"The Africa Commission will only ever deliver results if each and all of its participant countries subscribe to a collective commitment to govern well."

Blair backed Geldof's tirade and added, "Because I'm a politician in a suit, I wince at the occasional word - but what he said is really what I think."

The report demands African leaders eliminate corruption and bad government - in return for rich nations to double aid, adopt fair trade and 100 per cent debt cancellation.

13/03/2005 10:28