SIR Bob Geldof predicts his LIVE 8 concerts and protest marches will fail to force the hands of international leaders - but he will be safe in the knowledge he did everything within his power to relieve poverty in Africa.

The Band Aid icon hates the work involved with organising such huge scale events, but he would have struggled to live with himself if he hadn't taken action, just as he did with 1985's legendary BAND AID concerts.

Geldof says, "I really don't want to do it. There is no part of today that I have liked, not a single part.

"But for the rest of my life I would have thought, 'I could have maybe done that, I could have maybe changed it and I bottled it for personal reasons.'

"We will have tried everything to the last fibre of exhaustion to make it happen and I can live with myself. It will be, not for me but for everyone involved, a glorious failure."

Live 8 concerts will be staged in London, Berlin, Rome, Paris and Philadelphia on 2 July (05), and a sixth show will take place in Scotland on 6 July to coincide with the G8 summit.

10/06/2005 03:08