Bob Geldof could soon become a grandfather - his daughter Peaches is keen to settle down and start a family.
The 22 year old married musician Max Drummey in Las Vegas in 2008 but the union broke down less than six months later, she went on to date filmmaker Eli Roth and is now in a relationship with S.C.U.M. singer Thomas Cohen.
The TV star now admits she wants to wed again one day - and she's eager to become a mum soon.
She tells Britain's Daily Star, "I'd get married again. Perhaps not right now, though. One day, not this year, but I think I would.
"I would like to be a mother soon. I think I'd be a very liberal mum but with a strict set of rules. I don't want a wayward junior Geldof. I'd like to be a young mum, so it's not something I'd want to wait too long for. Maybe in the next couple of years."