SIR Bob Geldof is furious more money wasn't pledged to aid the poor in Africa at the G8 summit in Scotland in July (05), because the US proved how much cash is at its disposal in the aftermath of the recent Hurricane Katrina.

The rocker-turned-campaigner insists there are "endless" funds at the world's disposal, and there is no excuse for the vast gulf between the rich and the poor.

Talking about the hurricane that hit America's Gulf Coast, Geldof says, "This natural disaster, this tragedy, highlights what is remarked upon by even the most casual visitor to the United States, which is the limitless-seeming poverty, and among it, the vast number of clearly visible poor.

"Katrina has revealed this, in all its shocking seriousness.

"Congress, of course, reacted immediately, releasing $50 billion (GBP27 billion). Compare that with the endless negotiations between seven of the richest nations to find an extra $25 billion (GBP13 billion) for an entire continent! Endless, endless."