Crusading rocker SIR Bob Geldof has warned politicians the Live 8 concerts this summer (2JUL05) were "not the blinking of an eye but a devastating bomb" that will spur today's youth to fight against global injustice.

The July supergigs put pressure on leaders of the world's eight richest countries to double aid to developing countries by 2010, but Geldof admits this is just one tenth of the amount needed.

Nevertheless he maintains the shows were a massive success - if only because they raised awareness of how young people can change the world.

Geldof tells Reuters, "It wasn't the blinking of an eye - it was a devastating bomb.

"The effect forever on the economic life of Africa is there.

"The aid agencies are now marketing the young like big companies because the agencies truly understand."

Geldof was also keen to praise the role of celebrities, who have often been ridiculed as insincere and opportunistic when promoting charity campaigns.

He says, "It took marketers in popular culture to be able to show that you can really inform younger people and get them to move the agenda."