Rocker SIR Bob Geldof has enraged residents of an English countryside county by branding their region "ugly" and "worn around the edges". The campaigner - who lives in the peaceful Kent town of Faversham - stunned his fellow countyfolk by contributing a damning article to the council's newsletter, in which he ranted about the "inexcusable" ugliness of certain parts. He wrote: "It's a mad mystery - the battle of the ugliness of (Kent seaside town) Margate against the charm of its beaches. Kent is a bit scruffy and worn at the edges and some of its ugliness is inexcusable." Principal of the town's Hartsdown College, Andy Somers, has blasted Geldof for his damaging comments. He says, "This is just another slap for the kids of Margate - to be told by somebody they respect that their home is ugly."