Internet auction website eBay is removing pirate recordings of the Live 8 concerts for fear of re-igniting SIR Bob Geldof's wrath.

Geldof branded some eBay sellers 'electronic pimps' when touts attempted to sell free Live 8 concert tickets for last Saturday's (02JUL05) historic London concert online.

Just 24 hours after the Hyde Park extravaganza, the website was flooded with pirate DVDs of footage from the charity event but eBay bosses wasted no time in removing the offending items.

A spokesperson for eBay said in a statement: "The unauthorised copies of Live 8 DVDs we have been told about have been taken down, because the sale of fake items is not permitted on"

DAVID MARTIN, director of anti-piracy at the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), says, "There are too many people out there who believe music is for stealing, regardless of the wishes of artists and the people who invest in them. Sadly we are not all surprised by this incident."

05/07/2005 01:55