Rocker Bob Geldof's big reunion with The Boomtown Rats almost ended before it began as they were abysmal in their first rehearsal.

The I Don't Like Mondays hitmakers split in 1986 and decided to reunite last year (13), but the big comeback looked doubtful when they started jamming in a studio and realised they sounded awful.

Geldof tells Britain's The Guardian newspaper, "For the first hour we were terrible. Someone said 'Stop', so we had a break. And we went back afterwards, somewhat ruefully, because we thought it was over, and something happened. Garry (Roberts) attacked his guitar, and we did Lookin' After Number One. And we were ferocious."

The rockers played their first gig together for 27 years at Britain's Isle of Wight Festival in June last (13) and are on the road promoting a new 'best of' album this month (Oct14).