SIR Bob Geldof knows most people come see him perform live because of his celebrity - but hopes to convert them to his music by the end of the gig.

The Live Aid mastermind has created more interest because of his charity work and high profile relationship with the late TV presenter PAULA YATES - who left him for Inxs rocker MICHAEL HUTCHENCE - than for his musical output.

However, the former BOOMTOWN RATS singer is still confident he can win over people with his live performances.

He explains, "The majority come along because of the celebrity thing.

"I don't mind, because all of them will leave just thinking about the music. They just will.

"And I do it because I love it. It's second nature - I feel most Bob Geldof onstage. You're articulating your songs. You get lost inside this thing.

"Emotionally, it's complete. Psychologically, it's leveling. Physically, it's exhausting. Financially, it's rewarding.

"If it's a good gig, I sleep the sleep of the just, which is something I don't do often."

01/12/2003 17:30