Rocker Bob Geldof was left in agony after smearing a cold sore cream on his eyelid to cure a stye.

The Boomtown Rats star felt a painful lump growing on his face so he visited a pharmacy only to be informed drug companies no longer manufacture stye treatment.

So the I Don't Like Mondays hitmaker decided to try to cure the soreness himself - with Zovirax, a cream normally used to treat the herpes virus.

He tells Britain's Guardian, "I'm getting a stye. And I wanted to be all twinkly for this interview, so I went into Boots (pharmacy) to get some stuff for styes and they don't make it any more because the new thinking is, the stye will just go on its own! They said use Optrex (eye wash), so I left immediately and I went into Superdrug and they said the same. Unbelievable. So I put Zovirax on my eye."